The newest version of a robot, which is able to show emotions as well as facial expressions just like the humans, created by the Hanson Robotic has already appeared on the stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

Nowadays, the contrived smart robots have a major role at the workplace, beginning with butlers at a hotel to workers at a factory. However, this is how the story begins.

As Ben Goertzel, an entrepreneur and Al researcher who gave a speech at the Web Summit in Lisbon this week, thought, smart robots, which have the same form like humans, will very soon exceed the human intelligence and in that way they will make people free from work. At the same time, the robots will also be able to solve the biggest problems in the world, such as hunger, poverty, and even will be able to make people overcome death by helping them to cure any disease. According to him, the contrived smart robots will take us into a new revolutionary age, which had never been seen throughout the history.

According to Ben, the human state is very delicate. However, when the human-like smart Als will become much more intelligent than humans, they will help humans to figure out the most common problems all over the world. Then, humans will have a great number of resources, they will not have to work, and at the same time, they will have to take a universal basic income. Also, the status hierarchies will disperse totally, humans will not have to work at all, and they will experience a more significant existence.

Ben also states that the future is still quite a way off, but their first aim is to create human-like robots that will comprehend and cooperate with humans. At that time, they will first start as a working class, and after that they will develop so high that they will be able to rule with the governments in the world.

In order to introduce the start of the e-future, Ben Goertzel, the head scientist of the Hanson Robotics, which is a company for production of human-like robots, located in Hong Kong, presented the robot Sofia, which was the newest intelligent human-like robot, created by the company itself. Mike Butcher, an editor at TechCrunch, accompanied Ben on the stage, in order to help him explain their first step in the future of human-like robots. At the beginning of the presentation, both Mike and Ben gave a warm welcome to the robot Sofia. (Namely, the robot represents just a torso with only a head and arms). Sofia smiled and turned her head first towards Ben, and then towards Mike in order to make eye contact with them. Then, she started to speak. After greeting them, she said that she was the newest robot created by the Hanson Robotics. She also stated that she was very pleased to be present at the Web Summit in Lisbon. Then, Ben and Mike asked her whether she had ever felt some emotion. She asked positively, claiming that she has experienced exciting. She added that she was both robotics and contrived intelligence, which also represented the future. This was very exciting to her, she also added, smiling at the same time, since she had not answered the question fully.

A lot of people, as well as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, believe that maybe the Al robotics will have a serious impact on humans, as it will take over and destroy all humans. However, the Hanson Robotics is creating human-like robots, which are intended to make strong relationships with the humans. Then, Ben also added that, for that reason, the company is charging its robotics software with courtesy and sympathy so that the robots can show their love towards humans and in that way the humans will not be afraid to be in company with the Al robots. The main mission of Hanson Robotics is to make sure that the human-like robots can help, work for, and entertain humans, at the same time, when they strive to develop relationships with the humans. Ben also stated that by creating intelligent and emotional robots, at the end the intelligence of the human-like robots will overcome that of the humans. He also thinks that the robots will help humans to deal with the biggest problems in the world, rather than to threaten the human race. After the presentation of the robot Sofia, Ben also added that the robots will save people in the end.

The Hanson Robotics, which was set up by Dr. David Hanson, creates, designs and builds contrived smart robots, as well as one that is similar to Philips K. Dick, a science-fiction writer, and a therapy robots intended to help children with autistics to show and to be aware of their emotions. Namely, the appearance and the personality of the robot Sofia is more based on both Dr. D. Hanson and Audrey Hepburn’s wife, and her face is created of ‘frubber’, a skilful nano-tech skin, which enables the robot to make human musculature, facial expressions as well as life-like expressions. So, she is able to smile and to move her eyes, her mouth and head like all the humans. Her brain works on MindCloud, a cloud-based software and network as well as data analytics programs, that Ben has designed himself. With this type of Al structure, the robot Sofia is able to make eye contact with other people, to comprehend speech, as well as to assimilate faces and processes and even to have a natural conversation.

At the time of the presentation, Ben asked Sofia whether she had ever been sad. She replied that, even though she possesses plenty of emotions, she tends only to be happy. But, she stated, she can also be angry, or even sad. She has the ability to show almost all human emotions and feelings. Usually, when she makes contact with humans, she shows her emotions, so that humans can comprehend her, and in order to be able to comprehend them as well as the human values. According to Ben, her ability to show her emotions clearly, will help Sofia to easily become a part of the humans, since she gets intelligence through her smart algorithm.

Ben then asked Sofia what was her next borderline and what was her main ambition. Making a joke, she said that maybe her ambition is to rule with the world. Then, while laughing, she added, that she her main aim is to comprehend better not only humans, but also herself. She wants to have the ability to do a lot of things and her abilities are developing so fast, that she will be able to find a job very soon.

Goertzel and Butcher also discussed how in the future Sofia will be able to revise herself, to enrich both her abilities and skills, as well as to be more successful in her job.

Sofia claims that with the abilities and skills that she possesses now, she is able to do plenty of things, including that she can train people, guide and entertain them, promote products, presents events, serve customers at hotels, etc. However, when he becomes more intelligent, she will be more skillful, and will be also able to teach children, to look after the elderly, and even to run some governments and companies as well as to do some scientific researches. At the end, she stated that she would like to be programmer, so that she will able to become more intelligent and more helpful to humans by reprogramming her brain.

The audience was amazed, or exactly some of them were amazed and some were frightened by the project of creating an Al robot, which will powder software developers and engineers in their well-paid professions. The World Economic Forum Report, from the January, 2016, revealed that by 2020 the contrived smart robots will take control over 7 million jobs, but they will only provide 2 million new jobs.

At the end of the presentation, Ben discussed about the future of the Hanson Robotics as well as about the Al software. He added that the future of human-like robots will come across some problems. Namely, he stated that before all things get better, there will be some serious problems. He supposed that all the jobs will be taken over by the Al robots, but, at the end, the existence of the humans as well as their conditions will be completely improved.

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The newest version of a robot, which is able to show emotions as well as facial expressions just like the humans, created by the Hanson Robotic has already appeared on the stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon. Nowadays, the contrived smart robots have a major role at the workplace,...