There are a lot of personality types among people and they manifest their emotions and feelings in different ways. For instance, the way you walk reveals a lot about your behavior, emotions and overall personality. People that are confident walk stiffly, while the introverts usually walk with their heads down.

However, the way people hug each other can also reveal a lot about their personalities.

According to Kulraj, the author who writes about well-being and happiness, the basic human need is touch and hugging is only an extended form of it. A large number of researches have shown the importance and the psychological and physical benefits of skin-to-skin contact, especially between mothers and their newborn babies. Kulraj also added that as growing up into adulthood, our need of physical connection and touch does not change.

Hugs and physical contact are extremely important to all human beings and since all people are different there are different ways of hugging as well. The way two people hug each other reveals a lot about the type of their relationship.

In the following text you will find out more about the way people usually hug one another and you will be amazed by the accuracy of this information.

1. The protector

The Protector hug is associated with the sense of security. Wrapping your arms around the waist of the person in front of you provides sense of stability and protection.

This type of hug reveals that both huggers take good care of each other and there is a lot of trust in their relationship. According to Patti Wood, who is a body language expert and an author of “Success Signals, A guide to Reading Body Languages”, if your partner covers your back it means he wants to protect you.

2. The Back Stroke

The back stroke hug reveals reassurance. Rubbing the back of the other person implies how much you care about that person.

This hug has a lot to do with vulnerability and openness with each other. According to Wood, since people cannot see their back, being touched right there is really startling. It is also a way to make your partner feel comfortable.

3. The pat

This hug reveals camaraderie and friendship. Giving the other person a pat on their back is a sign of comforting them. This hug does not involve any sense of intimacy.

The pat hug is not connected to closeness or romance. It has more to do with kinship. Dr. Christopher Blazina, the author of “The secret Lives of Men” says that men usually hug their buddies in this way. If a guy frequently hugs you in this way it means that your relationship is not really improving.

4. The slow dance

This kind of hug is directly linked to romance. Wrapping your arms around your partner’s waist and their arms around your neck resembles a “high school dance” type of love. This hug is typical for early love or young love. As written in the book “Secret Whispers” by V.C. Andrews, this hug means that your partner is constantly thinking about you.

If you are in a very long relationship and you still hug each other in this way it means that the romance between you is still sparkling.

5. The Reach Around

This hug is associated with those partners who are “partners in crime”. The reach around is a half hug, when one person puts his arm around the shoulder of the other person.

This kind of hugging does not imply the two huggers are attached to each other romantically. The quote that describes this hug is the one from Doe Zantamata saying that if you have lost the courage, smile and hope, the good friends will help you to find them.

When you hug your close friend in this way it means the connection between you is both physical and emotional.

6. The Deadlock

This is a kind of body-crushing hug. Partners seem like they fear to let each other go. When people hug like this, they embrace each other so tightly that they even squeeze out the last drop of air that separates them.

This implies deep commitment. Caroll Bryant wrote that love is like a hand sewn guild which wraps you up on the cold winter morning. This quote is the best description for the Deadlock hug.

People who hug in this way would rather stay in that position and not let their partner go.

7. The Flying Hug

The flying hug is linked to lust and passion. One of the two huggers straddles his partner either while “flying” in mid-air or sitting down. This position means that both partners are deeply connected to each other and they lust after each other in physical sense. The best quote which describes this kind of hug is the one written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez that the only way to find consolation if you cannot find love is the sex.

This means that even if the love is not long lasting, the physical attraction and relationship are strong.

8. The London Bridge

This kind of hug means maintaining the distance from each other. People who hug each other like this involve only the upper parts of their bodies while they keep the lower parts far apart.

This may also imply that there is a large amount of uncomfortability and disagreement in their relationship. Luis Miguel once wrote that keeping your distance, means keeping your sanity.

The London Bridge hug shows that neither of the two huggers wants deeper connection to the other. These people are usually acquaintances.

9. The Eye-to-Eye

Eye-to-Eye hug means soul connection. The most important part of this hug is maintaining the eye contact.

This hug is about personal kinship and deep love, just like Sanober Khan has once written that love is when you are the ocean to someone’s eyes.

The connection between these two huggers is very deep and strong and they can see the depths of each other’s soul.

10. The rag doll

This is a kind of one-way-street hug. Only one of the two huggers gives a hug, while the other one just stands with the arms hanging loose. This implies that there is an imbalance between what they feel for each other and this is one way street friendship.

If there is no reciprocation, this kind of relationship will not work.

11. The Pickpocket

This hug means you are comfortable with each other. Both partners put their hands into the pockets of the other. The relationship between these huggers is comfortable and relaxed without any effort. The quote from Ritu Ghatourey says that if both partners find the silence between them comfortable, then their love is true.

If you and your partner hug like this, it means your relationship is a perfect match.

Pay attention to the way people hug each other and you will find out a lot about their relationship and mutual connection.
There are a lot of personality types among people and they manifest their emotions and feelings in different ways. For instance, the way you walk reveals a lot about your behavior, emotions and overall personality. People that are confident walk stiffly, while the introverts usually walk with their heads...