Native Americans have always been very close to the Earth and to the people who live on it. They also believe in something that is called an animal totem at birth or a spiritual animal that will guide you through your life based on the date when you were born. This sign has an insight into your personality as well as the other aspects of existence on the Earth.

On one side, otters have a fiery and eccentric personality. On the other side, they solve the problems very easily and they will never give up, until they get an answer. A lot of people believe that they are very difficult to comprehend, but it is not important to the otters. They see on the world through a unique objective and they do not care about other people’s opinions. They always yearn for freedom and adventure, but they are sensitive and gentle, too.

The complex and mysterious wolf likes to observe everything around him, only to watch and to take notes. He may be inaccessible, because he tends to hide his emotions and to show his feelings to particular group of people. The wolf is also very creative, intelligent and artistic, but he spends a lot of time on his own, making perfect his craft. The term ‘lone wolf’ stems from here, because they are very independent.

This animal represents the sign of Aries, which is a very fierce, independent and dominant sign. They love to observe the situation and to be the leaders. They do not like to be controlled or to be ordered, and do not like when people try to tame them, as well. They take up new projects or business plans, without any observation and thinking. They may seem as arrogant and intolerable, but their generosity is hidden beneath their stubborn and tumultuous personality.

BEAVER (20, APRIL – 20, MAY)
The beaver has a strong ethic and does not give up until the work is finished. However, they may be also stubborn and they do not listen to other people’s opinions. Nevertheless, they are loyal, honest and you can always rely on them. They are very intelligent, practical as well as logical.

DEER (21, MAY – 20, JUNE)
Despite their docile nature, they can also be sociable and sympathetic. They move very fast and never stop, until they get to their destination. The deer are very friendly and cheerful, but they can also have a completely different personality – to sneak into their shell and to be on their own. This type of behavior is similar to that of the Gemini, whose birthdays are among these dates.

The woodpecker is described as persistent, dedicated and very courageous. They are very small, but their blow is very strong. They let people know when they are in the room, but they are not arrogant in any way. In fact, it is totally the opposite. They are always modest, gently and very caring, and they always take care of others first, rather than of themselves. However, when people do not meet their expectations, they feel offended very easily.

Salmon has a great personality and is able to lighten the room naturally. They do not mind being in the spotlight, they actually love that. They are very talented, intelligent and sociable. They have got big goals and dreams, or otherwise, they may get involved in bad habits and stagnation. They love to be surrounded by optimistic as well as positive people, especially to be surrounded by those who have big dreams.

Logic, analytical skills and honesty perfectly describe the brave and mighty bear. Bears have got a lot of patience and are always loyal to others. While bears may have a bad temper beneath their peaceful nature, they rarely show this side of their personality.

Ravens have an innate way to create a perfect balance in their lives, and thus, they help others to feel balances, as well. They do not put up with injustice or abuse and they are always on the right side. They have a peaceful attitude, know what they want to achieve in their lives and do not hesitate to do it. They are very eloquent and have a peaceful attitude, even when they are in a whirl.

Snakes may have a bad reputation, but do not judge them until you meet them well. They may appear distracted and despicable, but they have a big heart. You just have to know them better in order to understand them. They are very sensitive and creative, but do not hurt them – they tend to take a revenge whenever you are not right.

Owls seem to have two different personalities. Even though, they may be wise, strong and patient, they can also be unstable and sloppy. They also have got a hard shell, which is difficult to penetrate, unless you are very patient with them. Moreover, owls are serious, but also warm and friendly. They do not like being on the same place for a long time, but they prefer to go out for a fresh air and to embark in a new adventure.

Geese are one of the most hard-working animal signs and they are always occupied with work, so that they neglect the other aspects of their life. They do not sway very easily as a result of other people’s opinions, but they prefer to try to convince the others to accept and believe in them. One of their greatest fears in life is failure, so they are very dedicated to their work in order to prevent any failure in their lives.,Native American
Native Americans have always been very close to the Earth and to the people who live on it. They also believe in something that is called an animal totem at birth or a spiritual animal that will guide you through your life based on the date when you were...