Are the authorities from hell bent in continuing their plan for world domination and control? Are these 13 iIluminati families secretly call all the shots behind the narrative of mainstream media, the people who secretly rule the world behind the curtains?

Most plots are proved to be true, but let’s have a closer look.

People are free: the forces of Shadow for the New World Order (NWO) follow slowly intense agenda for full control over humanity and the resources of the planet. David Icke coined the term “Totalitarian tip toe” because “they” make small steps toward final slavery.

As a result, masses of people remain pretty unaware about the fact that their freedoms are gradually taken away, but the power of the NWO steadily grows.

The forces of Shadow of the agenda of the NWO?

Near the top of the pyramid, extremely elitist organization called the Council of 13 families orchestrate all great world events. As its name suggests, this Council consists of the 13 richest and most influential families in the world.

An increasing number of people are aware that 99 percent of the world population is being controlled by the “elite”, which is 1 percent, but this Council of 13 families is less than 1 percent of the of the “elite” and no one can become a member.

According to them, they have the right to rule with us since they are direct descendants of ancient gods or fallen angels (Nephilim – giants and demons) or giants think that they are Royal.

They are:

• Rothschild (Bower or Bauer)

• Whetstone

• Cavendish (or Kennedy)

• Hanover

• De Medici

• Habsburg

• Croup

• Plantagenet

• Romanov

• Rockefeller

• Sinclair

• Warburg (or del Banco)

• And Windsor (or Saxe-Coburg-Goethe)

(Personally, we suspect that it isn’t the complete list and there are some pretty powerful lineages that are still unknown). Rothschild dynasty is undoubtedly the strongest Bloodline on the planet and its estimated worth is about $ 500 trillion! They used their power worldwide through banking systems, which is almost wholly owned by them.

The most influential institutions working hard to maintain the NWO and complete enslavement of our species, those on the side of Christ are:

  • London (Financially controlled by Rothschilds) – operates outside the law of Great Britain
  • Federal Reserve US (Finance – Private Banks, owned Rothschild) – operates outside the laws of the United States
  • Vatican City (tactical indoctrination, fraud and compaction fear) – outside the laws of Italy
  • Next, Washington (brainwashing, military, mind programming and reducing the population) – protected by US law

All these institutions operate as separate states, working under their laws, thus no court in the world could prosecute them.

A Multitude of such secret societies today operate through branches of mega corporations that are owned by this Council of 13 families. Although they are richly rewarded for the work, their members are members of the “elite” kin, they don’t know who are their masters and don’t know what their real agenda is.

Brain washing

Another tool for mass slavery they used against us is the education system. Schools already teach children to memorize with no thinking and to obey everything without questioning. Actually, the basic education system is incredibly expensive to be operational and is outdated in the Internet age.
“Why outdated?” Because Internet offers us free access to an unlimited amount of information.
But why do we still pay so much money on government education? It’s because the world is the “elite” that requires our children to learn about conformity and enslave their way of thinking.

But what can we do?

Faith in humanity is in critical condition at the moment, such as control by the NOW octopus. On one side, we are close to slavery but we can easily bring their pyramid down, if we simply unite against their fraud with peaceful revolution in the souls, minds and hearts. What is the most powerful weapon of oppression. Is it constant indoctrination with poor education? It’s the fear created by twisted religions? Is it fear of punishment (imprisoned or executed) by this system, or the invisible enslavement by our monetary system?
All of this has a great impact on the society and the way of thinking, but the greatest weapon is practically determining this financial system!

We all are currency slaves

Our financial system stealthily enslaves our vision, we are now used as slaves of the currency. We operate from 9-5 daily in depressing and boring environments, not triggered by something constructive or creative. In the majority of cases, the only motive for work, is the paycheck – so it doesn’t matter how hard we try, it seems that we never have enough monetary resources. Have you wondered why large corporations pay tens of millions to the CEOs and as close to the minimum paycheck to other employees?

This is carefully designed, since a man who is constantly “at work”, won’t have time for introspection, self-education and – eventually – a spiritual awakening. Isn’t that our main goal on this planet? To finally become spiritual in contact with God, angels, love, light and not darkness, bondage, demons and darkness. “We” do not need educated intellectuals who can think critically and with spiritual goals. This type of people is dangerous for them! “They” want obedient “robots” only intelligent so they can operate machines and maintain the running of the system, but not stupid enough to be inquisitive.

Money with the eyes of the “devil”

All biggest problems in the world have roots deeply engraved in this financial plague: diseases are profitable, wars are profitable, human slavery and bad working conditions are also profitable. The leaders are corrupted by the money and the collective mission of humanity on Earth are seized by the money. But, why are we in need of a financial system? In fact, we do not need (at least, no more). The planet did not charge anything for the use of natural resources and moreover, we have technology to extract it without having to do physical work.

The solution?

To get to our point, there are numerous genius minds “out there” that discuss the popular concept of resource-based economy. An example is Mr. Jacque Fresco, amazing social engineer and industrial designer who spent most of the career in designing a bright future. Jacque Fresco proposed that cities can be constructed by building autonomous robots that will be environmentally friendly and self-sustaining, earthquake resistant and fire proof. Other people already discussing a plan to transition to the economy of our future, where the money will no longer be needed and all people will be offered the most suitable conditions to achieve their highest potential – all this for the sake of our species.

Are we finally ready to accept the future and avoid the control of this “elite” in a new world without money, or will we enable this awful World Order?,Families,World
Are the authorities from hell bent in continuing their plan for world domination and control? Are these 13 iIluminati families secretly call all the shots behind the narrative of mainstream media, the people who secretly rule the world behind the curtains? Most plots are proved to be true, but let's...